February 2 i zaanglentecelhnak (Kalay)

Happy (9th) Anniversary His Excellency Bishop Lucius Hre Kung, Bishop of Hakha. May God bless you. (2.2.2023)


Today is the 9th Anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev. His Excellency Bishop Lucius Hre Kung. In honor of him, the Bishop and Priests of Kalay Diocese arranged a football match joyfully at Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Kalaymyo.

In the football match, Bishop Lucius and the Priests of Kalay Diocese who are in Kalaymyo played against the staff of KMSS Kalay.

Currently, the Bishop is only (63) years young and so, he could compete against the young people in the football match.

He will be completed (64) years of age on this Month, February 24, 2023.

Let's offer our daily prayers for the greater success of his mission.

Credit to RVA Tedim Service

Bishop Lucius cu kum (63 a tlingcang natein mino pawl he zaanglentecelhnak ah a ṭhawngtuk rih tiah RVA Tedim service nih an tarlangh. Nizan February ni 2 cu Bishop Lucius Hre Kung i Bishop Ordination a hmuhnak kum (9) tlinhnak ni asi. Kalay Diocese ah cu puai cu an tuahpiak i Tlangbawi pawl le KMSS (Kalay) i Staffs hna he pumpuluih chuihnak an tuah. Cu lentecelhnak ahcun Bishop Lucius hi mino hna bantukin aa celh kho ve rih tiah RVA Tedim Service i tarlanghnak ningin theih asi. Bishop a umlo ruang ah Hakha lei incun thlacamnak lawngin a puaini cu kan tuahpiak hna. Kan Bishop a nunkhua sau ko seh.

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