Ruahnak petu hna thim rain peknak

Pope Francis nih September 29 ni ah Bupi thawngzamhnak (Communication) lei kap he pehtlai in member 2 le ruahnak petu 10 a thar in a thim hna.

Mah thimmi 10 hna chung cun a tu lio Radio Veritas Asia ( RVA ) ah hruaitu pakhat a simi Fr. George Plattoham zong thim a si ve. 

Member chungah thimmi 2 hna cu Archbishop Ivan Maffeis, archbishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve (Italy) and Bishop Valdir Jose De Castro, of Campo Limpo (Brazil) hna an si.

Ruahnak petu dirhmun ah thim thar mi 10 hna cu Fr. George Plattoham, secretary of the Office of Social Communication of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC); Oscar Elizade Prada, coordinator of the Department of Communication of CELAM; Helen Osman, president of SIGNIS; Fr. Fabio Pasqualetti, dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Pontifical Salesian University; Sr. Veronica Donatello, head of the National Service for the Pastoral Care of Persons with Disabilities of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Sister Adelaide Felicitas Ndilu, national executive secretary of the Commission for Social Communications of the Kenyan Bishops' Conference and director of Radio Waumini; Father Andrew Kaufa, coordinator of the Office of Communications of the AMECEA Regional Conference of Bishops; Tomas Insua, executive director of the Laudato Si movement; Professor Antonio Cisternino, president of the University of Pisa's Ateno Information System (CIO); and John E. Corcoran, founder of Trinity Life Sciences hna an si.



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